"Sometimes, there is a day,
and then there is a night.
Sometimes, there is a morn,
and then there is an eve.
Flowers grow,
trees are cut down.
Babies are born,
but lawyers exist."
--Jen Barber (The IT Crowd)


C. Roßberg
Heliosstraße 6a
50825 Köln

Der obige Abschnitt ist das Impressum entsprechend ยง5 TMG.

E-Mail & Phone Calls

I prefer e-mail before phone calls or chat.
I prefer encrypted before unencrypted e-mail.
If possible, schedule your phone call in advance using e-mail.

Import the public key: ~$ gpg2 --import <keyname>
Check the subkeys: ~$ gpg2 --fingerprint --fingerprint <keyname>

Peer-Pressure Systems

I don't use Fac*book.
Read Mr. Stallmans' list of reasons why you shouldn't either.

Images & Copyright

fnord.one as well as its subdomains display images.
All images but one are licensed under a Creative Commons Zero 1.0 Public Domain License by their contributors to openclipart.

This exception is fnord.one's logo, which is my remix of this openclipart image and letters from the font hack.

It is released into the public domain by me.